Free Value Change Dump Viewer from SynaptiCAD

SynaptiCAD is pleased to offer WaveViewer, a free viewing program for TDML, VCD, extended VCD, and SynaptiCAD's compressed BTIM files. The free VCD waveform viewer can also view and analyze timing diagrams and parameter tables created by SynaptiCAD's timing diagram editors, VHDL and Verilog simulators, and TDML editors. WaveViewer can be distributed to customers and coworkers. WaveViewer lets an engineer view the timing diagram, perform what-if timing analysis, and enter or merge his design constraints with a component's timing diagram. Engineers can quickly evaluate potential components for critical timing constraints and clock speed compatibility. With a professional version of DataSheet Pro or one of our other editors like WaveFormer Pro, timing diagrams can also be exported as stimulus vectors and HDL models for use with HDL, SPICE, and gate-level simulators. WaveViewer can be upgraded to handle gigabyte-sized waveform files with the GigaWave option.

Free VCD Waveform Viewer from SynaptiCAD

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