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(Viewer) 1: Converting a VCD file into a BTIM file

(Viewer) 1: Converting a VCD file into a BTIM file

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(Viewer) 1: Converting a VCD file into a BTIM file

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When viewing non-native waveform formats, such as VCD files, we recommend first converting the file to SynaptiCAD’s native BTIM format. The resulting compressed BTIM file will generally be around 200x smaller than the original file and will load much faster (for example, a BTIM file will typically load around 500x faster than an equivalent VCD file). To conversion a file, just load the file into the viewer, then save it to the BTIM format.

Open the example file "exampleTim.vcd":

Choose File > Open Timing Diagram menu option to launch the Open File dialog.

In the File of type drop-down, choose Verilog Value Change Dump.


Select the file C:\SynaptiCAD\Examples\exampleTim.vcd.

Click the open button to load the diagram.

Save the waveform file to the BTIM format:

Choose File >Save As menu option to open the Export Timing Diagram As dialog.

In the Save as type drop-down, choose Timing diagram – Binary. This will change the filename to exampleTim.btim.


Click Save to close the dialog box and create the fast BTIM version of the file.

Close the diagram so we can load a subset of the signals in the next step.