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(TD) 3.6 Curved Parameters

(TD) 3.6 Curved Parameters

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(TD) 3.6 Curved Parameters

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By, default parameters are drawn using straight lines, however you can make them have a curved line.

Double click on the second D0 in the diagram to open its Delay Properties dialog.

Since the Change all instances is unchecked all changes made in this dialog will only effect this instance of D0.

Check Display as Curved Arrow to make the delay redraw as as curved arrow.


Next, click on the parameter to select it and display the black curve points.


You can change the curve by dragging and dropping a curve point.


You can add or delete curve points by right clicking on the curve and choosing the Add Curve Point or Delete Curve Point menu.


If you add a curve point near the arrow head of the parameter, you can use it to control the angle of the arrow head.


For our final edit, we moved both curve points so that the delay looks more flashy. We also returned Display Label to Name in the Delay Properties dialog.