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(TBench) 4.3 Load the RandomizedSweepTest Project 

(TBench) 4.3 Load the RandomizedSweepTest Project 

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(TBench) 4.3 Load the RandomizedSweepTest Project 

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Load the RandomizedSweepTest project and examine its contents.

Choose the Project > Open Project menu to open a dialog of the same name.


Open the RandomizedSweepTest project located in the SynaptiCAD > Examples > TestBencher > VHDL > RandomizedSweepTest directory.


This project will test the SRAM model located in the tbsram.vhd file. Double click on that file to see the code for the SRAM.

Notice that there are three Transaction Diagrams.

The GClock_generator is a slave diagram that will drive the clock to the other transactions and run in a looping mode.

The tbwrite and tbread transactions are master transactions that will run once and stop. They are the write and read transactions that will be used to test the SRAM model under test.

The Component Model contains the template file where the transactions will be sequenced.


Open the Template file and find the Sequencer Process:

Open the Template file by double clicking on the Component Model in Project window.


Find the Sequencer Process in the file. We used the CTRL-F keys to open the search box and searched for sequencer to find the process.

Leave this file open for the next couple of sections.