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(Viewer) 5: Searching for Signal Names or States

(Viewer) 5: Searching for Signal Names or States

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(Viewer) 5: Searching for Signal Names or States

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The waveform viewer can search for a particular signal name or a particular signal state using the search box in the main windows tool bar. There are also several mouse techniques for quickly finding times and state values of waveforms and events in the diagram.

Search for a Signal name in waveform window:

Select a Signal name to indicate the starting point of the search. For this tutorial just pick some signal in the middle of the list.


Type tbread into the Search box on the main window's tool bar.

Use the Back Search and Forward search to hop to each signal that contains the tbread string in the name.


Search for a Signal State in waveform window:

Press the Zoom Full Button so that you can see all the waveform data for this demonstration.


Select any waveform edge or state to set the starting point for the search.


Type EE into the search box and use the next and previous search buttons to find the waveform segments with that state value.



Other techniques for finding waveform state values and times:

Hover over an edge or waveform segment with the mouse cursor to display the next and previous states.


In the Time Line, left click down (and hold) to display a temporary marker with all the states listed.

A permanent Marker line can be added by adding a Time Marker and checking the Display Signal States box. See Chapter 6 in the Timing Diagram Editors manual.


The Black time button (located above the signal names) indicates the time of the current mouse cursor position.

The Blue time button shows the time distance between the current mouse cursor position and the last mouse click.