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(TD) 2.10 Simulated Bus Signals

(TD) 2.10 Simulated Bus Signals

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(TD) 2.10 Simulated Bus Signals

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Simulated Buses are similar to Group Buses. The primary difference is that the bus is generated using a Boolean Equation. A simulated bus can be referenced in another signal's Boolean equation, (group buses cannot). Also, TestBencher will generate a Boolean equation for the timing transaction so that the simulated bus can include input signals as member signals.

Create a Simulated Bus:

Make sure that no signals are selected, and press the Add Bus button to open the Add Bus dialog. Note, if a signal was selected a different dialog will open and you cannot add a simulated bus from there.


Set the LSB to 0 and the MSB to 2.

Select the Simulated Bus radio button.

Press the OK button to close the dialog and create the bus and member signals.


BUS0''s waveform will be grey because none of the member signals are defined.


Draw on the member signals and see the bus simulate.


Double click on BUS0[2:0] label to open the Signal Properties dialog. Notice that the bus is defined as a concatenation of the member signals.