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(Sim) 1.2 Add Files to the Project

(Sim) 1.2 Add Files to the Project

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(Sim) 1.2 Add Files to the Project

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BugHunter uses a project file to list the files to be simulated and store the simulation options. Here you will create the project file and investigate the source code that is used in the tutorial.

Create a new Project:

Select the Project > New Project menu to open the New Project Wizard dialog.

In the Project Name box, name the project simulation_tutorial. Notice that the wizard is also creating a directory of the same name as you type in the project name.

Notice that you can select the simulator used by the project by changing the selection in the Simulator drop down box at the bottom of this dialog.

Press the Finish button to create the project.


Add the Source Files to the Project:

If you were starting a design from scratch, you could use the Editor > Open HDL File to open an editor window and type in the code, and then add the new file to the project. In this tutorial, we will just copy existing source files from the examples directory.

Right click on the User Source Files folder and select Copy HDL files to Source File Folder from the context menu to open a file dialog.


In the file dialog, browse to the SynaptiCAD\Examples\TutorialFiles\VeriloggerBasicVerilogSimulation directory and select the add4.v and add4test.v files. To select multiple files, hold down the <CTRL> key while selecting files with the left mouse button. Then close the file dialog.

When the files are first added to the project they will be marked with a purple x to show that the files are not compiled.


Investigate the code for the Tutorial:

In the project window, double click on add4.v  to launch an editor window with the source code loaded.


Look through the code and compare it to the following schematics. We will be simulating a 4-bit adder circuit which adds the x and y inputs together and outputs the answer on the sum and c_out lines.