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(TD) 3.13 Text and Hidden Signals

(TD) 3.13 Text and Hidden Signals

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(TD) 3.13 Text and Hidden Signals

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Text objects can be attached to edges of signals and centered inside segments so that as the timing diagram is scrolled or zoomed the text keeps its relative placement to the parent signal. One document trick that you can do is to attach a text object to a segment in a signal and then hide the signal so that only the text object is shown. Below is an example where we wish to label the cycles on the clock signal, but we do not want to display the documentation signal.

Add a Signal and Text Objects:

Press the Add Signal button to add  a signal to the bottom of the timing diagram.

Double click on the new signal to open the Signal Properties dialog.


Change the Name to Documentation.

Enter (100 = V)*20 into the waveform equation box and press the Wfm Eqn button to draw 20 valid segments that are 100 ns long (the period of the clock).


Select a segment on the waveform and then right click to add a text object. Type in some text to document the clock cycle. Do this for several segments on the Documentation signal.


Drag and Drop the text objects until they are at the vertical height that you want.


Right click on the Documentation signal name and choose Hide Selected Signal from the context menu. This will hide both the signal and the text.


Check the View > Show Hidden Text menu on the main program bar.

Notice the Show and Hide Signals in the menu. This is the option that you use to show hidden signals.

After you check Show Hidden test the text will appear, but the documentation waveform will not be visible.