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(TD) 3.12 Highlight Regions with Text Objects

(TD) 3.12 Highlight Regions with Text Objects

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(TD) 3.12 Highlight Regions with Text Objects

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Text Objects can also be used to highlight different regions of the timing diagram.

Press the Text button so that right clicks will add text objects to the diagram.


Right click on top of the curved delay in the center of the diagram and type Highlight delay into the edit box.


Double click on the text object to open the Edit Text dialog box.

Choose Ellipse from the Shapes section.

Uncheck Show text so that only the highlighted region will be displayed. The text will be used as a tool tip when the mouse goes over the region.


Press Ok to close the dialog and display the highlighted region.

Put the mouse over the top edge of the region so that it changes to an up-down arrow, then drag and drop the edge to resize the region to cover the entire delay.