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(TD) 3.11 Spacers and Text Font Controls

(TD) 3.11 Spacers and Text Font Controls

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(TD) 3.11 Spacers and Text Font Controls

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Text objects can be placed anywhere in a diagram to annotate cycles, edges, or segments. The font and color of each text object can be changed to stress the importance of that particular text object. The fonts also support superscripts, subscripts, and bold and italic attributes so your timing diagrams can use the same names and comments that are commonly used in data books. In this section we will add a Spacer signal to the top of the timing diagram and then add a title using a text object.

Add a Spacer and drag it to the top of the diagram:

Press the Add Spacer button to insert a spacer into the diagram. If no signals are selected the spacer will be added to the bottom of the diagram.


Select the new spacer by left clicking on it in the label windwo.

Then left click down on the selected spacer so that a paper icon appears and then drag the icon to the top of the label window and drop it.


The Spacer adds a little space to the top of the timing diagram so that we will have room to place a title.


Add a Text Object to the Diagram and drag it to the top of the diagram:

Press the Text button so that right clicks will add text objects to the diagram.


At the top of the diagram, around 140ns, right click to open a text editing box and type Design and Documentation Tutorial, and then press the Enter key to close the editing box. This will add a text block to the top of the diagram using the default font.


Double click on the text object to open the Edit Text dialog box.

Add a second line of text that says with Superscript and Subscript.

Select the first line of text and press the Bold button.

Select the Subscripts word and press the subscript button.

Select the Superscripts word and press the superscript button.

Press the Font button and change the color to purple then close the font dialog.


Press Ok to close the text dialog

Click on the text object and drag and drop it to a good location.


Experiment by adding more text blocks.