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(TD) 3.8 Marker Time Compression

(TD) 3.8 Marker Time Compression

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(TD) 3.8 Marker Time Compression

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Time markers (vertical lines) can be added to a timing diagram for documentation, time compression, and to indicate the end of the diagram.

Add a Time Compression Marker.

Press the Marker button so that right clicks will add markers to the diagram.


Left click on the third falling edge of CLK0 (250ns), to select it, and then right click to add a Marker attached to that edge.


Double click on the marker to open the Edit Time Marker dialog.

Choose Timebreak(Curved) from the Type box to make the marker use a double curved line display.

The Attached to display shows whether the marker is attached to a time or an edge. Since an edge was selected when you added the marker it was automatically attached to the selected edge.

Uncheck the Draw line from marker to edge box. When marker is attached to an edge, this box determines if a dotted line will be drawn between the edge and the marker.

Uncheck the Display Signal States so that the marker does not try to display the waveform values of the signals that are underneath it.

In the Display Label box, choose Comment. Since the comment for the marker is blank, no label will be displayed for the marker.

Press OK to close the dialog. Notice that the marker is curved and does not display its label. See picture below on the left



Double click on the marker to open the Edit Time Marker dialog again.

Type 15 into the Time Break compresses time by box and press OK to close the dialog.


Notice in the above picture that 15ns of the next clock cycle is not displayed in the diagram. All the parameters inside a compressed region continue to function,but part of the diagram is not shown.

Drag and Drop the Marker around the diagram and watch objects disappear and reappear.