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(TD) 1.15 Working with Drawing Environnment

(TD) 1.15 Working with Drawing Environnment

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(TD) 1.15 Working with Drawing Environnment

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Play with moving signals and zoom in and out of the diagram.

Move a single signal:

Select the signal clk by clicking on the name (a selected signal will be highlighted).


Click down and hold on the selected signal so that a paper icon appears.


Drag the paper icon until it is between Qoutput and Dinput, Then Drop the icon by releasing the mouse button. Notice the timing diagram has redrawn itself.


Try dropping clk at the very top and at the very bottom of the diagram. Leave clk at the bottom of the diagram.

Moving and reordering multiple signals:

When several signals are highlighted and moved as a group, they will reorder themselves according to the order in which they are selected. This ability to quickly reorder signals by the order of selection will help you deal with the large numbers of member signals of buses.

Hold the CTRL key while first selecting Dinput, then selecting Qoutput by left clicking on the signal names in that order.

Move the signals to the bottom of the diagram. Notice that Dinput is above Qoutput because that is the order in which they were selected.

Select Qoutput and then select Dinput (don't forget to use the CTRL key).

Move the signals to the top of the diagram. Notice that Qoutput is above Dinput, because the signals were selected in that order. This is a quick way to reorder a large group of signals.

Return the signals to their original order, (clk, Qoutput, Dinput).

Play with the Zoom Level

To zoom in and out quickly, hold down the <Shift> key while using the scroll wheel on your mouse.

<Shift> and mouse scroll wheel

To zoom in over a visible section, drag and drop inside the Time Line.


The zoom buttons are located on  menu bar in the diagram window button or in the View menu.

The zoom in (+) and zoom out (-) center the zoom on the selected item, the blue delta mark, or the center of the diagram in that order.


The zoom full (F) displays the entire timing diagram on the screen.

The zoom range (R) opens a dialog that lets you specify the starting and ending times for the zoom.