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Timing Diagram of Satellite System in SystemVerilog Simulator


SynaptiCAD Services is part of SynaptiCAD, a company founded in 1992 to provide high quality, low cost electronic design automation (EDA) software. SynaptiCAD has since grown to provide a large array of products in the EDA space. We've also expanded our services business to areas that are outside of EDA while leveraging our tools and products to benefit other engineering disciplines. We can handle projects in aerospace, mechanical, electrical, computer, and systems engineering. We also have specialty areas of expertise like turbomachinery, blockchain software, and time & event simulation. 
SynaptiCAD Services process diagram


Simple and straightforward:

  1. Give us a call or send us an email for an initial conversation.
  2. We'll get an NDA drafted and signed between all parties.
  3. Further conversation and exchange of documents detailing needs.
  4. Written proposal from us describing the work we'll do, timeline, and cost.
  5. We do the work and provide updates on progress.
  6. Finish work and provide demonstrations and deliverables.
  7. Standby to answer questions and provide followup. We don't go away, and we usually do this for free. For larger requests, we'll go back to step 3.

The 3 week prototype:

We offer our customers the "3 week prototype". Give us your problem as best you can and we'll provide a prototype in 3 weeks or less at no obligation. If you like what you see, we'll sign a contract and finish the work.


Peter Menegay Picture

Peter Menegay

Peter leads our services and funded research team. He writes proposals, manages projects, and consults for customers. He has over 20 years of experience writing and using software for engineering applications. He's also a turbomachinery nerd. PhD ME Virginia Tech.

Dan Notestein Picture

Dan Notestein

Dan is the President of SynaptiCAD and created or led the development of all their products. He's a talented software developer as well as an expert on EDA, simulation, and blockchain technology. BSEE Virginia Tech, MSEE University of Texas.

Eric Frias Picture

Eric Frias

Eric has been with SynaptiCAD for 20 years and is our most experienced engineer. He's an expert software developer with experience in web applications, blockchain technology, networking, cloud-computing, etc. He went to Virginia Tech for awhile but is mostly self-taught. 

Donna Mitchell Picture

Donna Mitchell

Donna is Vice-President and co-founder of SynaptiCAD. Her expertise is widespread, from EDA to user-interface design to law. She also handles does our finances. BSEE/MSEE Virginia Tech, JD Concord Law School.

OUR TEAM, cont.

Andrzej Lisak Picture

Andrzej Lisak

Andrzej has 17 years of experience solving software architectural & algorithmic problems. He knows HDL simulation, web development, and database applications. He uses C++, Java, Python, Tcl, HTML, CSS, JS, etc. MSc Math/CS, University of Silesia (Poland).

Bartek Wrona Picture

Bartek Wrona

Bartek has been doing software design and development for 16 years and leads our Poland team. He's great at object oriented design, C++ design patterns, SQL database development, to name a few. MSc Electronics & Computer Science, Silesian Technical University (Poland).

Lukasz Bujak Picture

Lukasz Bujak

Lukasz has 17 years of object oriented programming experience. He's developed Verilog/VHDL simulators, ported Windows code to Unix, and maintained  websites using various content management systems. MSc Math/CS, University of Silesia (Poland).

Marek Kochanowicz Picture

Marek Kochanowicz

Marek has 23 years of experience writing software for SystemVerilog & VHDL simulation, and programming micro-controllers. He's skilled in C/C++, SystemVerilog, SystemC, VHDL, Python, and assembly language.  MSEE, Technical University of Lodz (Poland). 

    OUR TEAM, cont.

Mateusz Jasiak Picture

Mateusz Jasiak

Matta is multi-talented in engineering integration environments like Phoenix Integration's ModelCenter, Verilog & VHDL simulation, and  languages like C/C++/C#, Java, Fortran, Tcl, Perl, Python, etc. MSc System Software, Silesian Technical University (Poland).

Szymon Lapinski Picture

Szymon Lapinski

Szymon, aka Gandalf, is an IT wizard and system administrator with 17 years of know-how. He has expertise in systems architecture, security analysis, penetration testing, data recovery and forensics. BSc Computer Science, Technical University of Szczecin (Poland).

Gary Covington Picture

Gary Covington

Gary is SynaptiCAD's sales manager for EDA products and engineering services. He's spent the past 20 years in the digital design community. He does customer support, licensing, and informational sessions for new customers and folks interested in our offerings.

Greg Salow Picture

Greg Salow 

Greg brings over 20 years of enterprise software industry business experience. He serves in a lead advisory role for new business development, client development, strategic partnerships, and custom services efforts.  BS Economics & Communications, Western Washington University.

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Blacksburg, VA 24060

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 540-953-3390
Fax: 540-953-3078