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Our services offerings are classified into four areas:

1. Engineering software
2. Network computing
3. Blockchain applications
4. General software (yes, we do that too)

And here are some folks we've worked with.

Engineering Software Screenshots


SynaptiCAD Services has a solid engineering background. We offer custom software for engineering applications in a wide variety of domains: mechanical, aerospace, electrical, and systems. We're good at creating new algorithms, upgrading old software, creating custom calculation procedures, and providing modern GUIs for old applications.

Here are a few examples of what we've done:
  • Selection software for centrifugal compressors.
  • Integration of CompAero turbomachinery design software with custom front-ends.
  • Translating legacy VB code for labyrinth seal performance to C# and providing a modern user interface.
  • Specializing Stanford's SU2 CFD code to a custom airfoil design application.
  • Combining a time & event simulator with an equation solver to create a unique model-building environment for system design.

Network Computing Picture


We are also good at speeding up engineering calculations using parallel computing on clusters, peer to peer networks, and cloud-based resources. Some examples:

  • Creation of an ad-hoc clustering system for a leading systems engineering, integration, and trade study environment.
  • Backend infrastructure for the Bitshares network.
BlockTrades Homepage


We offer services to companies using blockchain technology for crypto-currencies, smart contracts, and the many specialized applications this new technology is bringing forth. We also do R&D for development of new blockchain-based technology and products. These include identity management, secure document exchange, etc.

We created and run the BlockTrades crypto-currency trading platform. BlockTrades has a proprietary backend optimization algorithm for finding the best trading path for each customer's order. It supports Bitcoin compatible, Graphene compatible (e.g. Bitshares), and Ethereum-compatible crypto-currencies, along with many wallets.

General Software Languages


Although our specialties lie as noted above, some folks have used us to provide general software services. We have alot of experience tackling hard problems so chances are we can deal with whatever you throw our way. Here's an outline of our capabilities:

C/C++, C#, Java, VB, Excel VBA, Haskell, Go, Ruby, Fortran, Matlab, Python, Perl, TCL, Qt, .NET, MFC, etc.
HTML, JavaScript, React, PHP, JSON, XML, etc.
Windows, MacOS, Unix (Linux, Solaris, HPUX, etc.)

Folks We've Worked With


Here's a sample which represents each of the categories described above.
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