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(SDC) 4: Sketching the Waveforms

(SDC) 4: Sketching the Waveforms

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(SDC) 4: Sketching the Waveforms

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At this point in the tutorial you can either continue to add the signals and parameters as described or you can open a partially completed timing diagram and make changes to enable SDC code generation.

TIME SAVER: Load Histogram_sdc.btim:

Choose File > Open Timing Diagram and open histogram_sdc.btim located in the SynaptiCAD > Examples > TutorialFiles > SdcTutorial directory.

For Project Users: In the timing diagram, right click in the signal name pane and choose Add Diagram to the Project from the context menu to add the diagram to the project.

For Non-Project Users: Choose Report > Open Report Tab and pick the file with the SDC file extension that has the same name as your timing diagram (e.g. histogram_sdc.sdc or test1.sdc).

Sketch the Waveforms:

Next Sketch the waveforms for the ADC and Synchronous SRAM control signals.


Add the above signals and sketch the waveforms. The first Timing Diagram Editor: Basic Drawing Tutorial gives detailed instructions on the drawing environment. For review:

The Add Signal button adds signals.

Double clicking on a signal name opens a dialog where you can change the name and set the direction.

Left clicking to the right of the last waveform will draw a waveform section of the type that is selected on the waveform buttons. The waveform buttons toggle between the red one and the one with the little red T above the name.

Move signal edges by dragging and dropping them.

Change a waveform segment by selecting it then left clicking on a new waveform type.