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(TD) 1.4  Add the Signals

(TD) 1.4  Add the Signals

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(TD) 1.4  Add the Signals

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Next, add two signals and name them "Qoutput" and "Dinput".

Use the Add Signal button to create new signals:

Press the Add Signal button two times to add two signals to the diagram window.


The signals will have default names such as SIG0 and SIG1.


Double Click to rename the signals:

Double click on the SIG0 signal name to open the Signal Properties dialog.

Enter Qoutput into the Name edit box. (DO NOT CLOSE THE DIALOG)


Click the Next button or ALT-N to move to the next signal on the list.  Notice that SIG1 is now displayed in the Name edit box.


Enter Dinput into the Name edit box and press the OK button to close the dialog.


The timing diagram should look like the following.


Tip: The Signal Properties dialog is a modeless dialog - you can keep the dialog open while working with other drawing features. The Boolean Equation and Simulation features of the Signal Properties dialog are covered in the Simulated Signals tutorial.