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Tutorial Table of Contents

Tutorial Table of Contents

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Tutorial Table of Contents

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SynaptiCAD’s tutorials demonstrate everything from how to draw basic timing diagrams to advanced VHDL and Verilog simulation techniques. The tutorials are grouped together by product category, so that it is easy to pick the tutorials that cover the features that you need for your design. If you are new to our product line, the best tutorial to start with is the Basic Drawing and Timing Analysis tutorial, because this demonstrates how to draw waveforms and the general design strategy for our timing diagram editors. Some of the features demonstrated require additional licenses for the particular software option. Please see our web site or contact our sales department for specific information on those features.

Timing Diagram Editing and Timing analysis

Basic Drawing And Timing Analysis - general techniques used in all products

Simulated Signals - the fastest way to generate a timing diagram

Display and Documentation - making the diagrams display timing information and look good

Analog Signals - covers problem areas in generating and displaying analog waveforms

Parameter Libraries  - reference parameters in libraries with and without macros

Advanced Modeling and Simulation - model histogram circuit for 64K of data generated by a 12-bit ADC

Test Bench Generation – Stimulus, Reactive, and TestBencher Pro

VHDL-Verilog Stimulus - single timing diagram for VHDL, Verilog, & SPICE stimulus

Reactive Test Bench Option  - single timing diagram test bench with self-testing features

TestBencher Pro: Basic Tutorial  - full bus-functional models from multiple timing diagrams

TestBencher Pro with Random Transactions - constrained random VHDL test bench

Simulation and External Simulator Support

Basic Verilog Simulation - setup the project, simulate, view results, and debug the code

Using WaveFormer Pro with ModelSim VHDL - general techniques for using external simulators

Options based Tutorials for Comparison, Viewing, and Transaction Tracker

Waveform Comparison Tutorial - setting up tolerance, finding differences, and clocked compares

WaveViewer and Gigawave Viewer Tutorial - loading files into the viewer and viewer software options

Transaction Tracker Tutorial - PSL/Sugar option for verifying and investigating transactions