BugHunter Pro and the VeriLogger Simulators

BugHunter Pro and VeriLogger Introduction

BugHunter Pro and VeriLogger Introduction

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BugHunter Pro and VeriLogger Introduction

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This is the manual for SynaptiCAD's BugHunter Pro, VeriLogger Extreme, VeriLogger Pro, Verilog2VHDL, and VHDL2Verilog products. BugHunter Pro is a graphical simulation and debugging interface that ships with both VeriLogger Extreme and VeriLogger Pro and can also be used with most commercial simulators. BugHunter Pro can also at as the graphical debugging environment for the Verilog2VHDL and VHDL2Verilog code translators.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started with BugHunter

Chapter 2: Simulation and Debugging Functions

Chapter 3: Waveforms and Test Bench Generation

Chapter 4: Editor Functions

Chapter 5: VeriLogger Command Line Tools

Chapter 6: SDF, Encrypted Models, and SmartModels

Chapter 7: Speed Tricks and Techniques

Chapter 8: Verilog2VHDL Translation

Chapter 9: VHDL2Verilog Translation

Appendix A: BugHunter System Tasks

Appendix B: Verilog2VHDL Translation Reference

Appendix C: VHDL2Verilog Translation Reference


VeriLogger - Basic Verilog Simulation Tutorial demonstrates creating a project, simulating a design, and creating a drawn test bench. It is located in the Help > Tutorials menu of BugHunter.

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Key topics that teach you how to set up a simulation and debug the design.

Mechanical features of the BugHunter environment that show you how to zoom, compare, open and save diagrams.

Information sections that show advanced techniques or discuss how the BugHunter or the VeriLogger simulators work.