Centered Text

Centering titles is esential in creating professional timing diagrams. This tip will allow you to center text anywhere on a document.

  1. Add a new signal and draw a segment using any state.
  2. Add a marker at the end of your diagram. Double left click on the marker to open the Edit Time Marker dialog. Check the Signal ends snap to marker check box and close the dialog. Notice that the segment streches to the marker.
  3. Add your text and attach it to the new segment.
  4. Hide the signal by selecting the singal name, then using the View > Hide Selected Signals menu option. Make sure that the View > Show Hidden Text option is checked, or the text will hide with the signal.
  5. You may want to add a spacer so the text does not cover up signals or parameters.

Example of centered text

Now you can move the end diagram marker and the text will automatically center itself between the marker and time zero. To show the hidden signal, use the View > Show Hidden Signals menu option.

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