Download the Latest Version of SynaptiCAD's Product Suite

The SynaptiCAD Product Suite includes the following products: TestBencher Pro, VeriLogger Extreme, VeriLogger Pro, BugHunter Pro, DataSheet Pro, WaveFormer Pro, WaveFormer Lite, Timing Diagrammer Pro, GigaWave Viewer, Vhdl2Verilog, and Verilog2Vhdl. A license is required for all versions.

Microsoft Windows Versions

After installing, launch the desired tool from the Start menu or Desktop folder. By default, the new installation will be created in c:\SynaptiCAD and the lines SET SYNCAD_HOME=c:\synapticad and SET SYNCAD_LICENSE_FILE= c:\synapticad\syncad.lic will be added to your autoexec.bat.

UNIX Versions

To install and run unix versions:

  1. bzip2 -dc allproducts-full-linux.tar.bz2 | tar xvf -
  2. cd synapticad-19.00c /bin
  3. ./syncad -p wfp (where wfp means Waveformer Pro, for example)

A list of available products for -p option can be found in synapticad-19.00c /README

Daemon Files

Part Libraries