WaveFormer Pro: waveform editor and waveform translator

WaveFormer Pro is a revolutionary new rapid-prototyping EDA tool that helps you design faster and with fewer mistakes. WaveFormer Pro enables you to automatically determine critical paths, verify timing margins, adjust for reconvergent fanout effects, and perform "what if" analysis to determine optimum clock speed. WaveFormer Pro also lets you specify and analyze system timing and perform Boolean level simulation without the need for schematics or simulation models. When your timing diagram is complete, you can then generate digital stimuli for your favorite Verilog, VHDL, SPICE or gate-level simulator. WaveFormer Pro also has the ability to import and annotate simulation and logic analyzer data, for publication quality design documentation.

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Call 540-953-3390 and ask for Gary. He will give you a brief tour of WaveFormer Pro and cover important areas like: drawing waveforms, creating multi-bit buses, documentation techniques, import and export capabilities, and basic simulation features.

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