TDML and the Free Timing Diagram Viewer

SynaptiCAD provides a free TDML and BTIM viewer for viewing timing diagrams created by Data Sheet Pro, WaveFormer Pro, TimingDiagrammer Pro, and other TDML editors. This lets design engineers quickly evaluate potential components for critical timing constraints and clock speed compatibility. The timing diagram editing environment of the free viewer lets an engineer perform what-if analysis and enter or merge his design constraints with a component's timing diagram. With a professional version of WaveFormer Pro, he can also export his timing diagrams directly as stimulus vectors and HDL models and use them with HDL and gate-level simulators.

IP vendors are also gearing up to release transaction protocols as TDML timing diagrams. For designers, one of the major challenges to using IP is to determine a method for communicating with the IP block. Timing diagrams provide a concise visual description of cause-effect relationships between transaction events and have long been used to describe the rules that must be followed for successful communication with an IP block. TDML provides an open format for distribution of protocol specifications, enabling IP vendors to release complete interface information without locking their customer base down to a specific EDA tool suite.

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