SYNAPTICADcolon Timing Diagram Editors


DataSheet Pro

OLE Option Allows Interactive Timing Diagrams to be Embedded Directly into Data Sheets!

SynaptiCAD's OLE option puts documentation professionals on the cutting edge by allowing timing diagrams in TIM or TDML format to be included directly into data sheets. DataSheet Pro comes with this option automatically, and it is an option that can be added onto the other SynatpiCAD products. OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) provides a quick way to manage image files and the corresponding timing diagram files inside word processing documents. With OLE, word processing programs can embed timing diagram images which remember the timing diagram file and program which created them. If you double click on the embedded image in Word or other program, it will launch your timing diagram editor and load the corresponding timing diagram file. Any changes to the timing diagram file will automatically update the embedded image. This makes it very easy to manage a large number of timing diagrams because two separate files need not be maintained for each diagram. OLE is supported by many of the most popular documentation programs like MS Word and FrameMaker.