SynaptiCAD's Software Options

Transaction Analysis with PSL/SugarSynaptiCAD, what's New!
Transaction Tracker is a PSL/Sugar-based verification tool for viewing simulation data as higher-level transactions, instead of as simple waveforms.

Reactive Test Bench Generation
Reactive Test Bench Generation uses a single timing diagram to generate a test bench that reacts to the model under test and generates pass/fail reports.

GigaWave Waveform Compression
GigaWave allows SynaptiCAD's products to view and edit very large simulation and logic analyzer waveform files.

Waveform Comparison
Waveform Comparison graphically displays the differences between compared waveforms for two timing diagrams or individual signals.

OLE Picture Embedding
OLE puts documentation professionals on the cutting edge by allowing timing diagrams in TIM or TDML format to be included directly into data sheets.

Multiple Timing Diagram Window Option
Multiple Timing Diagram Window option enables the user to open and edit mulitple timing diagrams simultaneously.

Timing Analysis
Upgrades the waveform editors to the same timing analysis engine that is included with the timing diagram editor product. It supports delay correlation, reconvergent fan-out, and clocks that model jitter and buffer delays.

The figure below indicates which options are available or included: