GigaWave Option

GigaWave File support option allows SynaptiCAD's products to view and edit very large simulation and logic analyzer waveform files. The ability to edit and annotate large waveform files is a unique feature of the SynaptiCAD product line that is not offered by any other product on the market. The GigaWave options uses several advanced waveform compression algorithms and a high-speed, binary waveform database that lets the program load, edit, and compare files that are 200 times bigger than can normally be handled on a given system.

Modern simulation test benches will often generate very large waveform result files, which need to be compared against previous simulation runs or against a reference simulation (for example, comparing gate level simulation results to a RTL or behavioral level model). A similar need to load and compare large waveform sets arises when capturing waveform results from a hardware system with a logic analyzer. With the GigaWave option, you can easily handle these files and perform detailed comparisons between the waveform files, reporting any discrepancies. The GigaWave file support option is a "must-have" feature for engineers who need to view, edit, or compare large sets of waveform data. GigaWave is included in GigaWave Viewer and in the G-Series products. It can be added to the other SynaptiCAD products.

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