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SynaptiCAD's Design Verification Service

Need a fast turnaround on a new design project? Contact our Design Verification department to find out how we can speed up the most critical and timing-consuming part: testing the functionality and timing performance to ensure your design meets all requirements.

Verification Experts at Your Service

SynaptiCAD has experienced verifcation experts and all the tools necessary to rapidly create test benches and perform functional and back-annotated timing testing of your next big project. We've been developing leading-edge test bench generation software for over 10 years, so we are well-versed in all the latest techniques for creating re-usable transaction-based test benches that can be leveraged across multiple designs.


In the initial phase of a design verification project, we will assist in the creation of a verification test plan to ensure that the design is adequately tested. Next we will create a test bench harness to exercise your design according to the test plan. During the simulation and testing phase, we will rapidly feed back to your design group any errors we find and suggest solutions for overcoming these errors. As part of our contract, we will deliver a documented test bench solution for the design in your choice of Verilog, VHDL, or SystemC. We will also supply simulation log files and waveform files showing the results of the verification process.

To find out more about this service, email our Sales Office or call us at (540)953-3390.