Display or Print different Views of the same Timing Diagram

The SynaptiCAD product line supports the concept of timing diagram Views which allow the storing of settings for multiple pictures of a timing diagram. Views are normally used during the documentation phase of the design when several different images will be made from one larger timing diagram. Views can also be used to save off several different zoom and scroll settings that indicate areas of interest in a large timing diagram.

To create a view of a timing diagram:
  • Choose either the File > Print Diagram or the File > Print Parameters menu item which opens a version the Print dialog.

  • Change the settings in the Print dialog to create the desired image. The most common settings are the time range, type of image file to print, and the margin/width controls.

  • Press the Add button to open the Name of New View dialog.

  • Type in a descriptive name into the edit box. This is not a file name so you do not have to include a file extension.

  • Press Cancel to exit the dialog without printing or Print to immediately generate an image.

To switch between views of a timing diagram:
  • Open a Print dialog.

  • Double click on the view name to load that view.s printer settings.


To overwrite the settings for an existing view, press the Add button and use the name of the view to overwrite.