EDA-Assisted Hardware Verification NetSeminar

Listen to a taped slide presentation by SynaptiCAD and Agilent Technologies that will demonstrate how you can use EDA tools and measurement equipment to assist you in making further reductions in the design time for your products and help you get to market a lot sooner.



Designers are looking for new tools that will reduce design time and eliminate multiple hardware prototypes. In many ways EDA tools appear to be the answer. Unfortunately, many projects are delayed when simulation alone fails to create the perfect design. The problem is not in the EDA tools, but in the unpredictability of the physical world. Simulation to the exclusion of physical measurements is as inefficient as the traditional design - debug - redesign loop. Today's design teams need tools that work together. This presentation demonstrates how EDA tools and physical measurement tools, like timing analyzers can work together to reduce the design time of your product.


  1. Go to web site.

  2. Click on the "Register" button and fill out the short form.

  3. Click on the "Archives" button

  4. Choose the event on February 24 2000, "EDA-Assisted Hardware Verification" Agilent Technologies.

  5. After the NetSeminar loads the visual pages click on one of the Audio buttons to start the seminar. It usually takes about 2 minutes to start the audio.

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