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High Resolution Images for News Articles

SynaptiCAD's WaveFormer supports Agilent & Tektronix equipment and Hyperlynx
wf_translation_v18.png - 53k

VeriLogger Supports Symbolic Libraries and Runtime Optimizations - version 17
vextreme_design_flow.jpg - 53k

SynaptiCAD's BugHunter Supports C++ and SystemC
bughunter_with_systemc_big.jpg - 127k

TestBencher Simplifies Random Transaction Generation
pr_testbencher_with_random_transactions_big.jpg - 88k

SynaptiCAD's BugHunter Supports 64-bit ModelSim & Incisive Simulators
bughunter_64bit_support_big.jpg - 185k

SynaptiCAD's GOF fixes Logic Equivalence Check Failures
pr_gof_lec_sep_2010.jpg - 181k

WaveFormer Lite generates Mixed-Signal Test Benches for all FPGA design flows
wfl_mixed_signal_test_bench_big.jpg - 580k

Timing Diagram Editors offer Editable Analog Equations
wfm_block_wqn_big.jpg - 145k

SynaptiCAD's 64-Bit Verilog Simulator is 30% Faster
verilog_simulator_watching_sigs_big.jpg - 117k

Free High Performance Verilog 2001 simulator
verilogger_extreme_1_editor_main_big.jpg - 160k

Gates-on-the-Fly Netlist Editor adds Waveform Viewer Interoperability
gof_waveformviewer_big.jpg - 234k

Timing Diagram Edtitors support Xilinix - main timing diagram image
Timingdiagram_cover_online_big.jpg - 160k

Timing Diagram Edtitors support Xilinix - with new View feature
timing_diagrams_with_views_big.jpg - 127k

Gates-on-the-Fly Netlist Editor and Schematic Viewer: main viewer window image
gof_main_netlist_viewer_big.jpg - 303k

Gates-on-the-Fly Netlist Editor and Schematic Viewer: schematic window image
gof_schematic_netlist_analyzer_eco_big.jpg - 549k

SynaptiCAD offers HDL Works Tools
SynaptiCAD_distributes_HDLworks.jpg - 197k

V2V Translators get Verilog 2001 Support and Graphical Debugger
v2v_interface_lines.jpg - 256k

Timing Diagram Editors add Mixed-Signal Capabilities
Pr_wfp_v13_mixed_signal_support_timing_diagram.jpg - 100k

Free VCD Waveform Viewer Gets Faster
gigawaveviewer_waveform_viewer_flow.jpg - 108k

SynaptiCAD Acquires V2V Software and offers HDL Translation service
v2v_pr_big.jpg - 52k

SynaptiCAD upgrades VeriLogger Extreme - version 12 Fast Verilog Simulation
pr_v12_wfp_dsp.jpg - 201k

SynaptiCAD upgrades WaveFormer Pro and DataSheet Pro - version 12 faster rendering and more graphical features
pr_v12_wfp_dsp.jpg - 302k

SynaptiCAD releases VeriLogger Extreme - high performance Verilog simulation
vextreme_design_flow.jpg - 53k

SynaptiCAD updates Free Waveform Viewer
pr_syncad_waveviewer_v11.jpg - 200k

SynaptiCAD celebrates 14 years of Timing Diagram Editor Development
pr_td_v10_image.jpg - 100k

SynaptiCAD and Pulse Instruments Partnership
pi2005_wf_designflow.jpg - 80k

DataSheet Pro adds Multiple Timing Diagrams
multiplediagrams.tif - 180k

SynaptiCAD Supports TestBuilder Development
syn_tb8_printimage.tif - 178k

TestBencher Pro generates code for OpenVera
tb_openvera.gif - 39K

TestBencher generates SystemC code
tbp_design_flow.gif - 89K

TestBencher Adds Support for Cycle-Based Bus Transactions
tb7_testbench_automation_tool.png - 36K
tbcycle_87.gif - 71K
tb7_editor_image.gif - 13K

WaveFormer Pro supports Analog Signals and Waveform Comparison
wfpv65.gif - 60K


SynaptiCAD and Product Logos

syn_logo_hr.gif - 38K
syn_logo.FH9 - 37K

TestBencher Pro
tbp_logo_hr.gif - 15K
tbp_logo.FH9 - 22K

VeriLogger Pro
vlp_logo_hr.gif - 15K
vlp_logo.FH9 - 22K

WaveFormer Pro
wfp_logo_hr.gif - 16K
wfp_logo.FH9 - 21K

DataSheet Pro
dsp_logo_hr.gif - 15K
dsp_logo.FH9 - 22K

TimingDiagrammer Pro
tdp_logo_hr.gif - 21K
tdp_logo.FH9 - 24K

GigaWave Viewer
gigawave_vcd_viewer_huge.png - 19K
gwv_logo.FH9 - 22K

G Series
gserieslogo_hr.png - 5K
g_series_logo.FH9 - 19K

TestBencher Pro G Series
tbp_gserieslogo_hr.png - 20K
tbp_gseries_logo.FH9 - 24K

VeriLogger Pro G Series
vlp_gserieslogo_hr.png - 20K
vlp_gseries_logo.FH9 - 24K

WaveFormer Pro G Series
wfp_gserieslogo_hr.png - 20K
wfp_gseries_logo.FH9 - 24K

DataSheet Pro G Series
dsp_gserieslogo_hr.png - 19K
dsp_gseries_logo.FH9 - 24K

TimingDiagrammer Pro G Series
tdp_gserieslogo_hr.png - 25K
tdp_gseries_logo.FH9 - 26K