SynaptiCAD's Management Team

Daniel Notestein President and CEO
Daniel L. Notestein is president of SynaptiCAD Sales Inc., where he is the chief architect for SynaptiCAD's WaveFormer Pro, VeriLogger Pro, and TestBencher Pro products. Notestein entered the electrical engineering program of Virginia Tech at the age of 16 and graduated in four years with a BS degree in electrical engineering and minors in computer science and math. Notestein also received an MS degree in electrical engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington while working full time as a digital design engineer at Texas Instruments.

Notestein's industry experience includes 27 years of hardware and software development. At Texas Instruments he worked as both a software design engineer and a hardware design engineer. His software experience there includes the development of CommNet, a distributed database and telecommunications system used by the USAF. CommNet contains over 18,000 lines of source code and was designed and coded in an eight month period. His hardware experience there includes board and system level simulation of embedded processor radar systems and board and IC level testing. Notestein also worked at Burr Brown Corporation, where he was project leader for the design of a custom VXI-based test system for high-performance analog ICs. In addition to his system level work, Notestein was also responsible for designing several high-speed data acquisition and control boards that operated in the system.

In November 1991, Notestein began development of TDP together with his business partner, Donna Mitchell. He left Burr Brown in 1992 to work full time on software development at SynaptiCAD.

Donna Mitchell Vice President Marketing
Donna Mitchell is vice president of SynaptiCAD Sales Inc. Her responsibilities include: product marketing, management of strategic partnerships and OEM relationships, and investigation of new business opportunities. Mitchell received BS and MS degrees in electrical engineering from Virginia Tech. She also completed all of her course work towards a Ph.D. in electrical engineering before leaving school to work full-time at SynaptiCAD.

Mitchell's industry experience includes 27 years of hardware and software development. At Analog Devices Inc. she designed portable board-level dynamic test systems for high speed (up to 300Mhz) analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters. At Burr-Brown Corporation she designed digital-signal processing boards for the PC bus and a Windows-based CASE tool for graphically generating code for DSP processors.

Mitchell is one of the two founders of SynaptiCAD Sales Inc. She assisted in the design and development of SynaptiCAD's first product, The Timing Diagrammer.

Peter Menegay Director of Funded Research
Peter Menegay's duties include research project management and application engineering. He has held a number of engineering positions in industry, most recently as a turbomachinery aerodynamicist at GE and Dresser-Rand. In this capacity he was responsible for aerodynamic flowpath design, CFD analysis, and the creation of performance models for centrifugal compressors. He also led an effort to automate and integrate the compressor design process using tools such as Phoenix Integration's ModelCenter. He has a PhD in mechanical engineering from Virginia Tech and has authored several publications in diverse fields. He holds two US patents.

SynaptiCAD development team summer of 2001.