SynaptiCAD OEM Program

SynaptiCAD waveform editing and simulation technologies are available to other companies on an OEM basis. SynaptiCAD has formed successful partnerships with several companies, particularly test equipment vendors, that has allowed these vendors to bring waveform viewing, editing, and translation capabilities to their products. These partnerships can take the form of co-marketing arrangements or complete OEM relationships in which the partner company purchases semi-customized versions of our software and sells it directly to their customers. We've been very successful with these types of partnerships, in large part because we are willing to commit the resources necessary to meet our partners' specialized needs.

Over time, we've added a number of features to our products to simplify integration of our tools with third party hardware and software. Our products have a built-in scripting language that has access to the most useful internal routines of our software, enabling very extensive scripted control of program operation. This feature together with built-in batch execution capability makes it possible to complete many operations without any end-user intervention. For example, waveform files can be imported, edited, and translated/saved into other waveform formats completely through batch execution.

Other useful capabilities for integration with third party products include: read-only operation, filter files for selecting a set of signals for viewing/editing from a waveform file with many signals, and the ability to assign signals to specific pins of a device or system.

If you're interested in integrating SynaptiCAD tools into your product offerings, please contact us with more information about your application and we can discuss ways in which we can work together.

Below are some common data flows for integration between SynaptiCAD tools and third party hardware and software:

VCD and Hardware Integration Flows

Stimulus Generation

Batch Mode