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Qimonda QIDS Demo

Qimonda has released a demo version of the Qimonda Intuitve Data Sheets for Memory Products using SynaptiCAD's DataSheet Pro software. These models are interactive timing diagrams that rest on top of behavioral Verilog code. By downloading the models and DataSheet Pro you can explore how a hypothetical memory chip will work in your design.

If you would like to get more advanced Qimonda Intuitive Data Sheets, please contact your Qimonda sales partner. Also, if you like the interactive timing diagram and simulation environment, you can purchase DataSheet Pro or VeriLogger Extreme to develop similar models for your components or designs.

Download SynaptiCAD's DataSheet Pro and Qimonda QIDS demo
  Timing Diagram Editors
  DataSheet Pro
  Skip the timing diagram editor download, because I already have SynaptiCAD's timing diagram editors installed on my machine
  Qimonda Model
  QIDS Demo revision 100
  Windows XP, Win2K, Vista, Win7
  User Type
Commercial: Design engineer wanting to use QIDS demo
Commercial: IC/system manufacturer interested in learning more about distributing data sheets using SynaptiCAD's interactive models

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