WaveFormer Pro and Test and Control Programs

SynaptiCAD's WaveFormer Pro has the ability to generate stimulus vectors for test and design engineers. WaveFormer Pro lets you specify and analyze timing diagrams early in the design cycle, then take that same work and use it as stimulus for circuit simulation. With WaveFormer, users create timing diagrams by drawing signals, clocks, and buses, and by simulating Boolean and register logic signals. Graphical timing parameters like delays, setups, and holds actively move and monitor signal transitions.

Import & Export Waveforms

WaveFormer Pro supports waveform input from a variety of sources including: drawing waveforms graphically in the timing diagram editor, numerical input from a spreadsheet, waveforms captured by logic analyzers, and simulator output generated by variety of simulators. All WaveFormer waveforms can be exported as stimulus vectors for HDL simulators.

VHDL & Verilog Support

SynaptiCAD provides two levels of VHDL and Verilog test bench generation. WaveFormer Pro produces single timing diagram stimulus generation, which is perfect for testing small designs and models. Additionally, WaveFormer's big brother TestBencher Pro generates multi-diagram, self-testing, reactive test benches. TestBencher Pro is perfect for building bus-functional models of microprocessor and bus interfaces.

Flowchart of WFP and Mentor tools

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