Product Update Press Release, July 1, 2010

VeriLogger supports encrypted models from Actel, Altera, and Xilinx

SynaptiCAD has released an updated version of VeriLogger Extreme, a compiled-code Verilog simulation and debugging environment, that adds support for encrypted IP models from all the major ASIC/FPGA vendors. VeriLogger supports both binary-encrypted SmartModels based on the common SWIFT-based standard and the more recent encrypted source-code format (sometimes referred to as protected envelopes) added as part of the Verilog-2005 standard.

For a limited time, SynaptiCAD will be giving away free "no strings attached" 6 month licenses for VeriLogger Extreme. Free licenses will be available for both Linux and Windows versions of the simulator. Unlike the lower cost simulators typically provided with FPGA tools, SynaptiCAD's simulator is being distributed without any code that slows down the simulator when run on larger designs.

"Support for encrypted models has been a real stumbling block for free and low-cost simulator offerings in the past. This is the first time in over a decade that there's been a free Verilog simulator offered that's capable of simulating encrypted IP models from the major FPGA vendors," according to Dan Notestein, president of SynaptiCAD. "But we're not stopping here. We're currently adding some performance enhancements that will make VeriLogger the fastest software-based Verilog simulation environment around within the next few months."

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