EDA & Test Equipment Partnership Press Release, July 2003

SynaptiCAD and Pulse Instruments Partnership

July 2003 - Blacksburg, VA - SynaptiCAD Sale Inc, an EDA company specializing in timing diagram editing and test bench generation, announces a product partnership with Pulse Instruments, a commercial test equipment manufacturer for infrared and CCD imaging technologies. The new alliance combines SynaptiCAD's highly versatile EDA software tools, WaveFormer Pro and TestBencher Pro with Pulse Instruments' PI-2005, an easy-to-use digital pattern generator.

SynaptiCAD's and Pulse Instruments partnership will enable the user to easily program a pattern generator with enough stimulus vectors to adequately exercise a hardware prototype. This process, traditionally, has been very labor intensive and prone to error. The product collaboration of the WaveFormer Pro and TestBencher Pro will permit the reuse of waveforms from the simulation phase to serve as stimulus vectors for Pulse Instruments' PI-2005 Pattern Generator instrument. These software tools from SynaptiCAD also have built-in timing diagram editors allowing the user to create and edit the pattern generator stimulus. The TestBencher adds support for repeat loop markers that permits user specified sections of the waveform data to be repeated by the PI-2005 pattern generator.

"Pulse Instruments is delighted to share technologies with SynaptiCAD, a company that stands alone in its commitment to high-quality timing diagram editing tools with particular attention to complex, quasi-repetitive signal behaviors," says Steven Kan, Vice President of Marketing at Pulse Instruments. He continues, "Our test engineers and digital designers have created the industry standard in test equipment that characterize and verify advanced image sensors, semiconductor devices and digital circuit boards. The marriage of our products will fill a need for easy-use, low-labor, hardware test bench processing. Stimulus vectors used in simulation and design can now be used for production test via the PI-2005."

Donna Mitchell, Vice President of Marketing at SynaptiCAD Sales, Inc. adds, "In addition to direct translation, our EDA software can generate stimulus waveforms using a combination of signals and timing parameters. Partnering with Pulse Instruments' PI-2005, we can support rapid test and verification of prototype hardware against the design simulations with remarkable results."

Contact Information

SynaptiCAD's WaveFormer Pro and TestBencher Pro v9.0n are available now on Windows and Solaris Platform. WaveFormer starts at $2500, and TestBencher starts at $17,000. For more information, contact SynaptiCAD at phone (540) 953-3390, fax (540) 953-3078, email: Sales Office, web site: Note: Please contact Donna Mitchell at (540) 953-3390 for questions concerning SynaptiCAD in this press release.

Pulse Instruments PI-2005 is available now. For more information and pricing, please contact Pulse Instruments at phone (310) 515-5330, fax (310) 515-0068, email: [email protected], web site: Note: Please contact Steven Kan at (310) 515-5330 x24 for questions concerning Pulse Instruments in this press release.