EDA major product upgrade press release December 15, 1999

WaveFormer Pro supports Analog Signals and Waveform Comparison

BLACKSBURG, VA, December 15, 1999 -- SynaptiCAD Inc., the design technology leader for timing diagram editing and test bench generation, today announced the release of WaveFormer Pro v6.5 which provides designers with an integrated environment for developing digital and analog timing diagrams. WaveFormer Pro v6.5 can import analog data from SPICE simulations, Mathematica, and MATLAB. Signals can be displayed as analog waveforms or as the digital bus equivalents using an internal ADC algorithm. Analog signals can also be created directly inside WaveFormer with its built-in waveform equation functions or by converting digital bus signals into analog signals. Each analog signal can be customized for signal height to scale the waveform for easy analysis. Analog waveforms can also be converted into SPICE piecewise-linear voltage sources using the same technology WaveFormer employs to convert digital waveforms into SPICE stimulus.

WaveFormer Pro v 6.5 also has enhanced its hardware verification features with the addition of automated waveform comparison. Waveform comparison enables designers to rapidly verify prototype hardware against their design simulations. Comparisons can be made between sets of waveforms from differing simulation runs or from data captured by logic analyzers. Differences are displayed graphically in the waveform window and in a time-ordered tabular report window. Comparisons can be performed on an edge-by-edge basis to detect any differences or on clock edges to eliminate glitch reports. Comparisons can even be performed between sets of waveforms operating at differing clock speeds using the new waveform time scaling and offset functions.


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WaveFormer Pro v6.5 is available now for Windows 95/98/NT ($1950), and SunOS/Solaris/HPUX($2500). For more information contact SynaptiCAD at phone (540)953-3390, fax(540)953-3078, email: Sales Office, web site:

Note: Please contact Donna Mitchell at (540) 953-3390 for questions concerning this press release.